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My first Fattie

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Special Thanks to SmokinAl for his support and help

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that looks delicious!

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Awesome job!  Welcome to the fattie club!  You'll never look at bacon the same again!

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You did good...

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Nice lookin good from here

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What all do you have in there?

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Nice job Billy!


Looks like you have made a hundred of those, not just your very first one!

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Don't know why but when I did pics I added text guess its a learning curve. I put ham , American cheese ,onion green peppers,  habaniero peppers, egge's next time I will use cheddar the american cheese is to soft for the temp. ran out like water...

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looks good I like the diagonal weave thumb1.gif

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  Great looking fattie!  X2 on the weave.




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it looks amazing AL is a great help .

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Thanks. Al has helped me when I first started and still does ..

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