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best portable propane grill??

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Hi all, I am looking for a good small table top type protable propoane grill, so far the Weber Q is peaking my interest.  any suggestions or comments please?

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I haven't used these, but the weber Q series look like some high quality rigs. The Q100 series is 189 sq in & 8,500 btu..about the right size for 2 people for an entire meal. The Q200 is 280 sq in & 12,000 btu...(a touch bigger than a weber 18.5" kettle @ 240 sq in) would handle 3 persons for and entire meal, possibly 4. I've grilled chops/chicken for 6-8 on my 18.5 kettle, no prob. When I say entire meal, I'm refering to skewered taters/veggies and 3/4lb of meat per


I wouldn't recommend the "go anywhere"'s just a thin sheet-metal box style grill and lid, designed to be light-weight, and that includes the cooking grate.


Other brands I've seen don't compare to the weber Q series at all. You will pay for the quality of the weber, but if money's not an issue, the choice is easy...I'd not hesitate to go with the weber.



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I just bought the Q120 for my motorhome and so far am loving it

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Thats the same model I am looking at. thanks

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Can't beet a Lill smokey Joe by weber

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Watch craigslist.  You can often find Weber Q models at a very good price and there is not much to break or replace on those.  Usually a good cleaning is all that is needed.  I scarfed up a 2009 model Q100 model for $50 a few months back.  After a good wipe down with simple green to get the grease off it, it was like new.  Picked up the folding cart at Home Depot for $39 on sale too.


They used to make a zip up bag for the smaller Q's but it looks like they no longer make it.  I snagged a cover, but the bag would have been perfect for transporting in the back of the van or a car to make sure no errant grease gets on the carpet.

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Haven't tried any other one but love my Weber Q which I also got off of craigslist for $70 with stand and cover in great condition!

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5th or 6th year with my Napoleon infrared grill. It's far from a slow cooker. It's a sear burner. Combine with a cast iron pan and you fix most anything while camping. The grill has survived many trips onto the ice fishing, towed in a sled behind a snowmobile. I cringed when I wrote the check for it but have been very pleased with my purchase.
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I have the Weber Q 10 for use at my apartment. Looking for a 200 now for when friends are over. Love the Weber Q!!

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Weber Q is a little low on heat compared to other table top grills. I would recommend the Magma Chefsmate. You can find its review there. But if you have already decided with the Weber Q, this might help you decide which of the Q series is better.


Better yet, browse through The Best Gas Grills Guide, you could also find other good tabletop or portable gas grills there. Hope that helps! :)

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Coming in a little late on this, but if you haven't made the purchase yet, check out the top-end Olympians. I've been using mine about a year and a half, now, and have yet to run into any problems.


It's a bit pricy, true. But for my money it's the best portable propane grill around.

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I've owned the weber q for 3 years now and all i've ever had to replace is the propane hose.  The connector got brittle and cracked and better safe than sorry.  I highly recommend it for tailgating or quick grills such as a few burgers or steaks.  Easy to clean and very durable.  Uses the small propane cylinders as well. 

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