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Prime Rib Sammie (Qview)

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Had some left over PR from a smoke, So I sliced it thin and warmed it up on a skillet with some Smoked Cheddar and tossed on some wheat bread.



meatballs 001.JPG



Then back onto the skillet with a little butter


meatballs 003.JPG


Awesome Sammie..................crunchy, beefy, cheezy.........WOW!

meatballs 004.JPG


A little Bear View for the Finally biggrin.gif

meatballs 005.JPG


The best Sammie I ever had! 

Thanks for checkin' out my PR Sammie 57.gif



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crunchy, beefy and cheezy are the keys to happiness. looks delish!

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Wow imagesCAS01H37.jpg

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That's one hell of a sammie Ken. Bring me oneicon14.gif

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Holy Cow man!


Talk about a mouth watering sammie!



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Great Leftover Sammy!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Grilled cheese sammie nice drool.gif

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drool.gifWOW !!!!!!! Now your talking !!!!!

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OMG---Awesome Sammy!!!!


Nice BearView too !!!


I gotta try that------SOON !!!

Good timing---Smoking a Prime Rib today!

Will be plenty of leftovers!


Thanks Rap,



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Oh my dam that looks heavenly  32.gif

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Man I can almost taste it, nice sammich!

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Man I just ate lunch and that samich just made me hungry againdrool.gif

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WOW I WANT THAT Looks-Great.gif

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WOW Rap that looks Fantastic...the toasting the bread like a grilled cheese puts this sammie over the top. Thanks for sharing this Jewel!!!drool.gif

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Nicely done!


Good luck and good smoking.

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