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i havent tried a tri-tip yet.  that meat looks juicy and tender.  VERY NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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Awesome! drool.gif


Congrats on the carousel yahoo.gif

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That's a lot of good looking tri tips! Awesome job!
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Thanks Gene, i finally located that too.  Next time I'm over that way, it will be on my list.


Good luck and good smoking.

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See, I told you that picture was suitable for framing!!!


Now it's on the carousel!!!


Boy can I call 'em!!!




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that tri tip look good. what seasoning did you use.

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Originally Posted by master cylinder View Post

that tri tip look good. what seasoning did you use.


I use a garlic marinade consisting of a handful of peeled garlic in the blender and covering with EVOO. Then adding whole peppercorns and Kosher salt and blending till peppercorns are broken up.



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They sell them at all the stores here on the Central Coast in Cali. Its 100% Oak chunks. 

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I spent a LOT of time in Pismo as a kid camping out of the back of my parents chevy 4x4. Maybe its time to take my kids for a trip. I love cooking on those fire pits. lots of fun blasting through the dunes.

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Maaannnn! I'm really hungry now. Looks great.  BTW, the rub recipe is excellent.

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