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Competition Style Chicken Run - Q-View

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I made a trial run on a new sauce we have for comps with alittle more stand out flavor for the judges. We were also looking for a little differenttexture on the skin and still maintain that bit through skin the judges lookfor.

Close Up

Bit Through Skin

Thanks for looking 

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Man Shiz.. those look absolutely fantastic. Let us know how it works

in your next comp. I like bite through...James

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Looks great ! drool.gificon14.gif

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Nice glaze.  Bite looks good.


Sharing any ideas?  I have some theories, but I bet there is a lot more in the details.  LOL


Good luck and good smoking.

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They do look good

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Looks like first place to me!

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Man O Man Shiz it looks amazing and the glaze on them Wow .good luck at your next one

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Looks-Great.gifA Chinese restaurant severe it like that here.

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I`m with Al on this one !!!!!

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Got a recipe you want to share ? I`m not in the comp. drool.gif

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Wow Shiz-Nit that shizzle looks awesome!

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wow.....  chicken candy

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I want three dozen of them

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