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I Started My Small Smoke House

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I wanted a better place to do cold smoking other than my Brinkmann Offset, so after reading several threads and getting ideas from other people, I came up my own.  The interior dimensions are 2' x 4' to mach the aluminum sheet I had.


It's 3/4 plywood lined with aluminum sheet.  While it will be just for cold smoking, I thought the aluminum will be easier to clean.  I will need to come up with an electric heat source for the winter months, but for now I will use the Smoke Daddy or the A-Maze-N-Smoker.


It will all be insulated and when done, covered with vertical cedar siding...I have some left over from my house.


Heres where I got today:


Gluing the aluminum sheet onto the plywood:



Pieces all cut:



Aluminum Sheet:



Sideways view of gluing down the bottom which I forgot to do before:



Not sure how to rotate...sorry!  Interior lined:



Enough for today:


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Looks great so far!

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Great workmanship!

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Great Start!


Turn the pics....My neck hurts!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Looks great so far. points.gif

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I got a little farther today, but not as far as I would have liked...to be done!


Insulated and finished three sides...all but the door and to construct the roof:





Finished with what I had...tongue & groove roofers, some ship lap, and saving the cedar for the door.



Inset door opening:



Door...just sitting there.  No hinges yet.



Smoke stack in:






I still need to complete the door and finish off the front, build a roof (looking for things I have so I don't have to buy stuff) and I still have to make and install the smoking racks.  I still need to find a heat source for cold weather. I don't think I will need much. It's only 2' x 4' inside and pretty well sealed and insulated. I think I am going to start with a small hot plate. I don't plan on using it above 150.


Thanks for entertaining my renewed obsession.









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Looking forward to some smoke. icon14.gif

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Nice Handywork. Looks great I'm jealous.

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I used to use a yard sale electric frying pan. Check out the thrift stores like Aunt Sally (Salvation Army) depending upon where "upstate NY" you are. It can double as a water pan. I square cut a slot in my box and controlled from the outside.


Rich   a.k.a. KK

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Looking good Daggerdoggie. I like the lining too. icon14.gif

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That looks fantastic, I can appreciate the craftsmanship as I don't do so well with the woodworking thing, can't wait to see it in action.

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Thanks for the comments and the ideas. I need to get this done since my wife is asking, "Where are the end tables you were going to make me?"  "It's all about motivation, Honey!"

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Suggestion: Build another one and use them as end tables. Locals "upstate" here, sometimes have an old couch on the porch with a washer and a dryer on either side like end tables.50.gif

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Very nice and and a clean  job . you must put a sign  ' master  at work '

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Great Looking Smoker




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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It is a nice one....

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Looking good!

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I got a little farther today.  Unfortunately, work gets in the the way sometimes.


Got the door installed:



Roof roughed out:



Still, some more to do:




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Very nice build!

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With the exception of some finishing touches and a coat of stain, I am done.  I have it fired up right now for a "Break in Smoke."





Four rows of dowel racks and two lower racks.  Bottom for a grease catcher/water pan.  I still need to find some grates to fit, or make them.  For now I can put grills on the dowels.









Smokin' Yes, I know the metal roofing should go vertically rather than horizontally, but it was scrap and I had no peak cover, so I improvised.





Attic Storage:




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