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First Smoke

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...not exactly what I wanted for the first smoke, but got home from work at 7:30 tonight and had to work with what was in the house. Smoked Mac & Cheese, came out great! Took the basic recipe from the Masterbuilt website and modified it with some additional seasonings to liven it up a bit. Used hickory chips in the MES 40. Got about 45 minutes of nice smoke out of each loader full. And I managed to sneak a little pork in there by way of some bacon I had on hand. smoked mac cheese.jpg


Tomorrow night will be for carnivores...thumb1.gif

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Nothing wrong with M&C ! I'd tear that up. drool.gificon14.gif Who don't like M&C here?????

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It looks delicious!

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LOVES Me some M & C     I am going to try that looks great ....

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that is some good looking mac and cheese!!!!!!

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 Looking good!

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