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Pork Steak (Sliced Butt) Qview

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I smoke these often and thought I would post this time.

They call them pork steaks (around here), but it's just a shoulder sliced into steaks.


I rubbed them with a basic rub and smoked at 225º with RO lump and pecan.



butt 001.JPG



Rubbed and ready to smoke


butt 003.JPG


Pulled at an IT of 145º

butt 008.JPG



Rested for 30 mins and sliced        (Bear View)

butt 011.JPG


Dinner is served,

fresh creamed corn (peaches and cream), Peas from the freezer (cream 40's), Potato Salad, Chicken & Dumplings,

and some buttered


butt 015.JPGbutt 017.JPG


Thanks for checkin' out my Qview biggrin.gif







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That looks real good.

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Looks great Rap, I love them pork steaks. drool.gificon14.gif

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Great meal Rap!


Those only work for me when cooked cool and slow. I have done them many times, but the right person has to cook them.  You are one!


When grilling at higher temps, chops cut from the pork sirloin work well, but even those have to be handled carefully.


Your sides would be a hit with my palate as well.


Thanks for posting a beautiful meal!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Wow Rap!!!----Good to see your 100% back!!!


Awesome BearView as usual too!!!


Nice Plate too!!




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Thanks Bear, I'm not 100% yet but I'm still smokin' biggrin.gif

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Looking delicious neighbor!!



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Dag Gumn Delicious looking plate rap..........................icon14.gif





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Boy those look good Rap!


I gotta try that.


I've just got too many choices of what to do with a butt.

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Nice Qview! Looks delicious!

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Butt Steaks were the only thing we ate as Pork Chops growing up because they would  stay juicy even with the old school,"pork needs to be cooked to death or you get sick" style of cooking.  Those look way better than Moms!...JJ



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