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Mounting external Temp Gauge on your MES

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Has anyone drilled a hole in their cabinet and installed one of those temp gauges you can buy at Lowes, that have a nut on the inside? If so do you find them accurate? I'm thinking of doing it but want some opinions. 



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Better off to get a digital with a wired probe & just shut the door on the wire or run it thru the top vent.

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Don't the digital probes have to be plugged into meat? I mean that's what they are made for, or do they provide accurate internal temps of the unit as well? 

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Some, like the Maverick ET-732, have 2 probes.  One for the meat, and one for the bbq/smoker temp.  

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I agree with Al. Digital is the only way to go. My stock built in one on my smoker is 8 degrees off. I put a Lowes replacement in one of my grills and it runs 10-12 degrees off. Spend the money, its worth it in the end. I did not realize the ET-732 had two probes. Will have to go with one of them if one of the digitals die.

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Yes, most will agree that a digital probe is much better. One big benefit of the digital probe I find is that you can place it anywhere you want inside the box, such as towards the middle where the meat is, rather than along the side or back wall where the temps can be much different.

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I bit the bullet and ordered a 732 from maverick. Sounds like a better way to go, with the two probes. Although I did read about the probe failing for one fella. I have some old ones that that has happened to after they got wet or something. 

Does anyone know if those probe things are pretty much the same? I mean you can get replacement probes but they are priced all over the board. I am just wondering if one will work on several different makes and models. The manufacturers won't tell you that, I'm pretty sure. 

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Good Choice on the Maverick ET-732!

Probes do not interchange


DO NOT submerse probes in water, and DO NOT place them in the dishwasher.

Wipe off with a clean rag




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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I clean mine with rubbing alcohol, just have to keep it away from where the wire goes in the probe. I have probes over 3 years old that look like hell, but are still accurate.

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I actually had a customer who threw them in the dishwasher....OOPS!



No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Yeah, African Meat, that was what i had originally had in mind, but saw the threads about the Maverick 732 and ordered one of those. I tried to get it from Todd but he was out of stock. I did however order the amnps smoker from him.

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Think I have figured out the biggest issue on my MES, the stock thermometer is actually 25 off from the actual temp.  I picked up little rack hanging thermometer and verified it is accurate in our stove and am using it now for some babybacks.  As my MES is analog, it is still a pain in the butt to keep adjusting temp to get it too 225 and stay but seems to be holding now.  And I have just enough blue smoke coming out the edges of the doors.  4 hours to go and will see how the ribs look.

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