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Skinny Summer Sausage with Q-View

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I started with one of Nepas' Secret Summer Sausage recipes, I had everything but corn syrup solids so I opted for Corn syrup in it's replacement.

8 pounds of ground beef 80/20 and 2 pounds of ground pork.


All mixed up


I stuffed them in 1-1/2" X 24" fibrous casings and had to tie my own strings which I did not like, I'll buy prestrung ones next  time.


Into the smoker and ready for some Pecan smoke today.....


More to follow ;D 

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Looking good so far. icon14.gif

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Looks good Keym



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Looks very good. I'll be following this one along as I'm getting ready to try summer sausage for the first time next week.


Keep us updated.


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It looks great!!


 I made some SS a few weeks ago for the first time and made some in 35/38 hog casings.


I saw the Nepas cracker size SS post and tried it too..


Turned out very tasty..I used the Leggs mix.

summer sausage 003.JPG

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Thanks Guys, Nice job FNMPS!!!

Got them all done, I took them to 155° F IT and then gave them a ice bath and took the IT Temp down to 90° F and now there in the Garage watching all my junk Bloom ;D It was a 8-1/2 hour smoke total.




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Oh yeah!!



 Those look yummie.


After a couple days in the fridge they get waaaay tasty!!




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Not sure about that substitution and how it would work.  I am sure those look pretty fine, though!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Heres the Money shot, they taste great.



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Nice ill take some of that439.gif

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nice bear-veiw............icon14.gif    looks delicious........... where's the saltines?

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O Boy O Boy it looks wicked and yummy thanks for it


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Looks delicious!

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