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What paint to use?

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I have a Brinkmann Smoke-N-Pit Deluxe (without fire box) that has served me very well over the last 11 years.  but since moving to the east coast 2 years ago rust has really taken ahold of it.

I just received a Brinkmann Dual Zone Charcoal/Gas Grill Model# 810-3821-S as a gift from a friend and am setting about "restoring" the smoke-n-pit as a dedicated smoker.

I am thinking to use high temp header paint on it after sanding all the rust down.  Any suggestions?

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I used High temp header pain for my UDS and it was rated for 1500 degrees. I know there is no way that the paint is going to peal off but with that header paint I couldn't find the variety of colors that you can with the regular high temp paint which is rated around 500 some degrees if I remember correctly. If I repaint mine or build another one I am just going to go with the normal high temp paint instead of the 1500 degree header paint.

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   Mpierdsd,That soumnds like a good deal;the high temp. paint will work well.As a protectant for the paint,I rub my pit with the rag/cloth I clean-up with(oily).Rub it all over the pit(especially where)it rust the most.Do this while it is still warm.It tends to help protect the paint;sorta like curing it,especally where the heat is the hottest.

   The oil will dry fairly quickly and won't be a bother.Look at my firebox in this shot of my pit:Betty 002.JPG

   Yes, it leaves some marking.but inhibits rust well.I hope this helps and...

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Header paint is the way to go. Do it once do it right.What color are you going with?

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Rustoleum makes the high temp bbq paint. 

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Meat is right.  Rustoleum has a BBQ paint that is rated in the 1200 degree range.  That would probably be sufficient for most general apps.  I do seem to recall some folks saying that even that paint might peel when used on a fire box.  Their header paint is rated in the 2000 degree range, but the color selection of header paints was a little limited the last time I was looking.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Here is an interesting thread that discusses paints ranging from 500 to 2000 degrees:

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