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I known that a lot of the kits now pretty dam good  saves a lot of time and efferent  and you still seem to get the quality

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For really good kits check out Austin Homebrew. They have extract PM and all grain clones of hundreds of commercial brews, good prices and great customer service
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Thanks for the info have see if it is available in Canada

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Hello Homebrewers,

I finally decided I needed some consistency and repeatabilty in my home brewing so I purchased a WilliamsWarn personal brewery. Expensive, yes but I have so much more control over the brewing temperatures and carbonation. With the back pressure bottler they sell, again pricey, your brew never conatcts the air so flavor is excellent. I have used it for many other brewing recipes also, Home made pop is a snap with this machine as is anything else you want to ferment and have carbonated. You don't have to carbonate if you don't want so wines are easily made with the unit also. It is a well built unit and functions flawlessly turning out five gallons of great fermented liquid each time.














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I was looking at your Pale Ryeder   it must be pretty hoppy with a IBU of 28

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Pale Ryder sounds like a rye pale ale.  If so, 28 IBUs is actually a bit low for the style.

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I been told that to start a craft brewing of any size to make money you need $250000.00 to $500000.00 for starts I  know a few people that have  got into it and they told me that you need a good banker

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Hi all,


I have been brewing about 8 years. We are serious all-grain brewers. We normally brew 10 gallon batches, but can handle 15 gal. as we have a 20 gallon brew kettle and mash tun. We use propane with a 210,000 btu burner. We chill with a 50 ft stainless steel immersion chiller. I built a 15 cubic ft. fermentation chamber with my own digital controller. It will hold about 20 gallons to +- 1 degrees.

We belong to a very active local brew club. We have about 60 members. We host non-profit benefits twice a year and the proceeds go to local organizations such as habitat for humanity, wounded warriors, etc...


I use Beersmith to design my recipes. We usually have 2 - 4 beers on tap at the house. We have made many wines over the years too.

What do we have on tap right now? 1. Acadia Coast Pale Ale - 2 years ago this beer won brewer's choice at one of our benefits. 2. Equinox (An exceptional pumpkin ale we brewed for a benefit. We won the brewer's choice award. 3. Pliny the Younger clone. We brewed 12 gallons of this 10% abv ale at 200 ibus. This is the most difficult and extreme beer we've ever brewed. It was so worth it. If you don't know, this is a beer brewed by Russian River Brewing in California. They only brew it once a year to serve in their pub and your only allowed one 5 oz. pour.


Well that all for now. Stop by and say hi. I will try to get some pictures up under my profile of our brew room and brewing.


Happy Smoke and Suds!



Smugglers Den Brewing Co.

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Hi All,
I've been a home brewer for about 4 years now. I brew 5 gallon all grain batches. My favorite beers are an American Pale Ale, an Irish Red and a Chocolate Stout. I usually do 1 or 2 experimental batches each year. But I'm strictly a summer brewer as the cold weather keeps me indoors in the winter.
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Howdy All,


I've been brewing for about 4 years now, all-grain for 3 of them. I'm still on a pretty basic system with a 10 gal mash tun and kettle. Looking to upgrade my burner soon. Favorite brews are an American Pale Ale hopped with Cascade and Nelson Sauvin, and a German Roggenbier. For the most part, I don't usually do the same beer more than once as my tastes always change, but those two are constantly on.



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Last summer I smoked 1/3 of our grains for 2 hours and we made a smoked porter.

I was really good but we would probably crank up the smoke on it even more next time.

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How long have you been brewing? Just hit 4years
All-grain or Extract? Extract while I build my AG system
What was the last beer you brewed? Irish Red
Bottle or Keg? Keg - Bottle
Favorite Styles? Most of varients.

I also make sure mean guava wine
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How long have you been brewing? Hard to believe , 21 years!
All-grain or Extract? All-Grain on a Tower I build and add-on HERMS
What was the last beer you brewed? Back-to-back 10 Gallon bathes of Vanilla Porter and Coffee/Chocolate Breakfast Stout
Bottle or Keg? Keg
Favorite Styles? Hoppy and Big Beers!

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I need a hobby .

like this


Financially speaking - what is the pay back? Whats an iniial investment that will keep beers flowing for 5 years?

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How long have you been brewing? Over 10 years

All-grain or Extract? E Herms all grain

What was the last beer you brewed? Citra DIPA

Bottle or Keg? Keg

Favorite Styles? Right now, sours. But i do enjoy a good Kolsch.


I will have to post some more pictures when i get all my stuff unpacked and my brewing station set up.

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Another long time homebrewer and hobby distiller here just recently getting into smoking meats seriously. I went electric with my brew rig a couple years ago with some very simple eKeggles and stepped up to 10 gallon batches at that point too. I like to make every style of beer, especially IPAs, all kinds of sours, Saisons, and smoked beers of course. I have a 4 tap keezer, one is a nitro stout faucet. I like to make all grain whiskeys and vodka and want to experiment more with gin botanicals. Is there anything better than smoked prime rib and homemade bourbon? Not in my opinion. Cheers!
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What hop shortage? Here is my dry hopped citra DIPA using up the last of my 2015 whole cone Citra before I had to pack everything up and move.
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Stupid double post
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Been at it a couple years. All grain. With a grainfather. Mainly keg but I bottled my xocoveza clone. Last brew an Amarillo pale ale. Need to get an order in to brew next weekend.

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I do whole grain only.  Somehow the idea of extract equates to making instant coffee as opposed to whole bean.  I could be wrong, never have brewed with extract.


Been brewing for about 10 years, I crack my grain which I buy bulk through a local brew club.  I keg and carbonate it and tap it in a spare fridge in the basement.  My fav is a Belgian whit, much like but better than Blue Moon.


I think my overall favorite beer is Lambic, but I haven't had the opportunity to make it here.  We have the wrong microbes floating around in the air, so I buy it at a local beer store.

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