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Second Fatty w/ Q-view

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The heat continues, so the smoker is working overtime, here is my second attempt at a fatty.  It turned out good, rolled much better then my first, and was downright delicious.


All smooshed flat with Spicy BBQ sauce and Pepperjack cheese




The finished product, sorry to skimp on the pictures, the bbq sauce made a big mess i wanted to clean up before the dog got it




And the shot everyone is waiting for:




That is all, nothing fancy, just a practical meal.  Well, as practical as sausage wrapped in bacon can be...

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I'd take a slice or three of that
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Fatties rule!

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Nice !!!1

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Looks Real Good from here!!!!


Nice looking close-up BearView too!!


It would probably look even better if it was a thousand miles closer!!!




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Looks like a winner to me -- good job!

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Roll up :
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Looks great. Nice and cheezy.

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