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where do i go

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I am trying to find some trimmings. I live in durant,ok I tried talking with a sales rep from sysco and a so called specialist and got no where. My pawpaw gets his from deans and they are called pork shoulder picnics boneless. I have been getting them from a local slaughter house but won't continue to pay $2.00lb. Please help.

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What are you looking for?  Just pork fat or chunks of pork butt?  I would guess you have better access to slaughterhouses in your neck of the woods then down here.


Most of the butchers that slaughter hogs down here make sausage and sell it for a couple of bucks a pound so there trimmings have value.

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Here's a couple I found on Google, hope this helps. icon14.gif welcome1.gif



Tucker Slaughter House


Lee Avenue, Durant, OK 74701(580) 924-2560 




Maxwell's Meat Market transparent.png


2432 West Main Street, Durant, OK 74701-4807(580) 924-6328 

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Find a different processor..I just got a 30 pound bag for free...welll  I have to bring him a 12 pack on the next visit..


This guy just slaughters hogs on Monday..





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Yes,barter.....Ya never know what you will come up withbiggrin.gif.I do when I have the chance.

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One of the reasons i save and freeze butt and brisket trim.

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Thanks guys I have tried tuckers, they are way expensive.  Maxwells doesn't sell any. I don't use butts because they shrink in the casings.  So i guess the search continues.

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