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heres one for ya

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I love hot stuff. but am nbot a fan of condiments. so what do i do to my bird so its nice and spicy hot when it comes of the racks?????? ive tried brining with lhs and tobasco but no luck maybe injecting will work???? any ideas????

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Cayenne pepper as a dust will work, I make my own Arbol Chile dust that's a sweater. Tabasco is weak for me. Then again I like habanero. drool.gif

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How about using Frank's to hold the rub on?

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When i want my chickne hot i do few things i do a rub of oil cayenne pepper and salt but it must be paste and rub under the skin

and on top the skin wrap it in Cling wrap.over night in the fridge.( i smoke it beer can style but it works any style of smoking ) and i add Tabasco to the beer .it will give it a kick.

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I do a butter-soaked cheesecloth wrap on Turkey, which helps to add additional flavor - could do the same and add Cayanne pepper to the butter before soaking the cheesecloth into it.  Depends on how you're doing the bird, but should be easy to "kick it up" a few notches.

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