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First successful spare ribs - Q-View

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After a few decades of doing ribs on a grill it has taken me a while to get the smoke thing down for them.  I finally nailed it.  Got a 2-pack from Costco.  Trimming them down to St. Lois left a lot of tips.  (yum!)   Also I had to split the rack due to smoke box width.


I left the large side as wide as would fit.  The two small ends were more the size of a BB cut.  So I went with 3-2-1 on the large side, and 2-2-1 on the small end.  For the tips I did not foil at all.  I just sprayed them whenever I opened the door.


Masterbuilt Propane @ 225, hickory chunks.


Large side one hour in::


smoker 07-16-11 024.jpg


Two hours in:


smoker 07-16-11 029.jpg


Small end one hour in:


smoker 07-16-11 025.jpg


Small ends 2 hours going to foil:


smoker 07-16-11 027.jpg

smoker 07-16-11 028.jpg


Small ends after 2-2-1:


smoker 07-16-11 031.jpg



The 2-2-1 on the small end was perfect.  Not fall off the bone, but moist and firm, had just enough pull to it, and the meat came clean off the bone when you ate it.


smoker 07-16-11 033.jpg


Large ends after 3-2-1:


smoker 07-16-11 036.jpg


Ready to dive in!


smoker 07-16-11 037.jpg


The tips came out great with no foil.  Once cooled I gloved up and peeled the bark layer off the fat and cartilage.  They stayed in about 5.5 hours total.  I don't have any money shots of them, but here's the Q-View:


smoker 07-16-11 030.jpg


I got mounds of some spicy pork for breakfast today!


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Looks great!!


  Nice pics too....thanks!!


And Congrats!!



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It looks great images14.jpg

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Everything looks delicious! Great Q-view too.

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Nice job, they look delicious. drool.gif

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Nice color & pullback

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Real nice job...

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Good job!

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All Looks just right to me!!


I could handle a few of them right now!!




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nice looks great

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