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Transportation Question (Boston Butts)

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Alright, so here is the issue at thand.  I am going to be smoking up quite a few pork butts for a large group of friends this weekend and had a question.  I have already purchased the butts, they are sitting in my deep freeze as I type this.  What I am wondering is if they are going to be safe if I pull them out Thursday morning and refridgerate, season after work, place back in the fridge, load into ice filled coolers and then make a trip, oh, let's say around 2 hours. 


Would I be getting to close to the 40 degree mark that I need to stay below?  I think I should be fine but with the amount of people that I am going to be feeding, I'm curious on how to proceed.


Maybe I leave them froze, pack them into the coolers and make my drive.  Once I am at my destination de-thaw and season?  Looking to have food ready to eat Saturday evening, 7 PM-ish, and would like to be able to have the rub settle in a bit.


Ideas?  Input?

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They will be fine. If they are in a cooler in ice they will stay below 40 degrees for the 2 hours. If you do not inject them, & don't put temp probes in them until they have cooked for 3 or 4 hours you won't have to worry about the danger zone either. In that case they are considered intact muscle & only the outside 1/2" needs to reach 140 in 4 hours. Also remember you will need to figure about 2 hours per pound cook time. If they get done early you can wrap them in foil & towels & put them in a dry cooler & they will stay hot for hours. Good luck!

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