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Great job Jared,It looks very tasty drool.gif

Thanks for the Qviewicon14.gif

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Great Job Jared... It looks GREAT...

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Man that looks good..

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My wife is begging me to try this, so thank you for the excuse to smoke!grilling_smilie.gif
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Man i don't care what u call it ...Just call me to dinner ..that looks great!!!!

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Slice me off a piece!

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Originally Posted by Pittman View Post

Slice me off a piece!

Sure thing, come on over...

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wow, seriously never thought of webbing chicken.


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I don't think it matters what you call it. It looks pretty damn awesome from here. Great Job...

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We now call it mummy stuffed chicken!

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looks delicious, one of my favorite fatties
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Looks really nice! Good job!

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I do a similar but call it chicken monterey.  Looks good so if any left?  LOL

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