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Chicken wing competition/ need advice/recipe

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A buddy of mine works at Ben E Keith which is a large food distributor and they are having a wing competition. he asked me of a good recipe but I had no answers. So im brining it to the forum. No professional judges just a departmental thing. Whats a good winning recipe for wings. They didnt say sauce or no sauce so how ever is fine. please help

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Hi Cwalk .you can use this one 

but instead of smoking the wings you can dip in a mix of cornflower and an egg deep fry once let it get cold and deep fry again it will make it vary crispy and only then stir in the sauce you can play with the amount of chili in the sauce.good luck

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There are a lot of wing recipes here, just search them out. We just smoke them for 2 - 2 1/2 hours then toss in butter hot sauce mix & crisp on the grill. I know some of the guys smoke them then deep fry them for crispy skin. Good luck with the comp!

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Whats this butter/hotsauce recipe you talk of? Do tell.


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Most Basic is Equal Parts Melted Butter (1 stick) brought to a simmer with Hot Sauce (1/2Cup), Frank's Red Hot is the Original but I prefer Texas Pete...Enough for 2-3 Doz. wings....From here the Sky's the Limit add what you like...Garlic, Onion, fresh 1Tbs or powder 1 tsp, Worcestershire, Chipotle in Adobo, adds heat and some Smokiness, Brown Sugar, for balance, S & P, Your Favorite meat RUB, Maple Syrup, Fresh Ginger, Soy Sauce, Any number of Crazy Hot Chile's, Herbs start with 1/4 tsp, Spices start with 1/8 tsp, Citrus Juices, ETC... Start with a little, simmer a couple of minutes, taste and add more until you got CWALK'S WILD WING SAUCE!...Fry, Bake, Smoke or Grill, Chix Wings until done...toss in sauce...WIN Competition!...Bottle Sauce...Become RICH and FAMOUS...Send 10% Monthly Royalty Checks to ME!!!...JJ


Good Luck Have Fun and DON'T FORGET TO WRITE DOWN what you put in and how much so it is Repeatable then Post the Qview of the Trophy!

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If you want something a little different to stand out try these

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I use butter, texas pete, and smoke for 1½ hrs @ 275º, then place in foil pan and cover for ½ hr. Then drizzle with honey on a hot grill to make a crispy bite.

Just my 2¢


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