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WSM Almost Decided

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I'm sold on getting a WSM. After reading many threads I'm 99% certain of going with a 18.5"  because:

1. I live alone and usually cook for myself.

2. My deck is small and it will take up less space.

3. Using less charcoal and being able to have 18hr cooks without refilling seems fantastic.

4. I like ribs but don't see a problem with cutting racks in half.

5. Like the idea that the unit may have a higher humidity when smoking less meat, and will lose less energy in cold weather.

Anybody think I'm off base?

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Sounds like the 18.5 is just what the doctor ordered!

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FYI if you ever get down that way, "Now Appliance" in Arlington ( sells the 22" model for the same price as everyone else sells the 18" ($299) in case you are rationalizing going smaller due to cost considerations.


Smoking is just one of those social things, so I don't think you can ever have too big a smoker :)


That said, you list some pretty good reasons for getting the smaller guy.

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Thanks guys.


Spoonful, I am aware of them as they post ads on craigslist all the time. Thanks

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Wise decision on the WSM. I too bought the 18,5 based on the same criterias you're describing, except we're a family of 5. Despite being quite a bit smaller than the 22, I've fed 10 people on a few occasions in one cook. With rib racks & beer can holders, you can fit a lot of food in there. Go for it & enjoy your new toy.

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The 18.5" WSM should be great for you. It is smaller than the 22.5", but like Cochon said you can still cook a lot of food - just have to get creative on how you arange things.

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