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When it comes to safety, it everyones' responsibility to educate themselves, it's not someone else's responsibility!!!




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Funny but as a diabetic I am greatly aware of the amount of sugar and simple carbohydrates in food.  There is a big push currently to regulate the availability of sugared soft drinks to children in school lunch programs.  Anybody with young children is aware of the affect of excess sugar in their diet.


Sugar and simple carbohydrates are every day foods.  I am very aware of the new USDA food guidelines that emphasize vegetables, lean meats and complex carbohydrates.  You want to start a war try to ban sugar.

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I am glad you stuck around digg.I love mother earth news.The stuff on their has beeen tested.It's not their 1st rodeo.

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Some of us here are getting older and need thought provoking mental stimulation...I hope you all enjoyed this thread as much as I...JJ


Dig, Glad you are still here and thanks for the link.

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Interesting thread. I have used sodium erythorbate and ascorbic acid in other cured meats I have done like summer sausage and snack sticks as a cure accelerant but never considered it for bacon. Although after reading this thread I am considering trying it with my next batch of pastrami where the results would be fairly easy to distinguish as I don't see how it would benefit bacon unless it was pumped and brined.

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