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looks great..congrats on the banner

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Thanks again guys.


My little helper made me so proud. She kept saying can I help. She was itching to get at it so I couldn't refuse. Its great when the kids want to be part of a hobby you love.

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They look just great !!!

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Great looking ribs Brian!  Your little helper is a cutie. biggrin.gif

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The ribs look amazing Brian! My lil bbq assistant will be here soon, way to get the next generation involved, you are getting me pumped for the future!


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Those look awesome!  I'm hoping I can accomplish something remotely close to that tomorrow! drool.gif


I have a question....Those white bones that run perpendicular to the rib bones...what are those called?  Is that part of the loin?  The last couple times I bought ribs those were the only bones in them....there weren't even any actual rib bones.  I thought that was strange. 


tryin to understand the cuts better =)

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Brian, those are some super fantastic looking ribs, very meaty, moist and clean looking.  I got hungry just looking at the Q-View.  Keep up the good work my friend.


Your SMF Friend,

Barry  biggrin.gif

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LOOKS GREAT!!!  Hmmm I wanted to smoke something this weekend. Off to the store for some ribs!

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great pics

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brian you da man!! they look great!!


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I'm in!

Love Those Ribs My Friend!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Fantastic looking Spares there Brian !!!




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Don't teach your helper all the tricks.  When they grow up, they think they can beat the old man.  Great looking ribs.  I was going to put them on the list but I see Dnvrdv is going to beat me to the punch.

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