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Spares Spares Spares With QView.

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Title says it all. Used some rub that Boykjo sent me. I forget the name of it but it had a pecan flavor to it. Im sure he will say what it is. It was a very good rub. A tad on the sweetside for me but it worked good. After it cooked the kick came thru more than the sweet.



Here they are rubbed down




2 hours in




Getting foiled. My little helper was doing the AJ part. She asked to come help. Gotta love it.




All Done




Cut up





It was a good dinner.



Gotta love the piggy. Thanks for looking.

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Man those look good, great job Brian!

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Yummmmmm!!!!!!  Had me some BBR's yesterday, and your post just makes me want to start all over again!  Nice smoke.  Enjoy having the "little helper" around...mine are all leaving the nest now...frown.gif

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Great ribs.


But the helper was the star of the post.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Nice ribs and kudos to the helper. icon14.gif

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The photo says it all  imagesCAS01H37.jpg

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Nice looking ribs. Those look so good I'm contemplating

this Friday and Saturdays smoke agenda, hmmmnnn...

Anyway, shout out to the Little Helper, good job!

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Ribs Look Great Brian...

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Awesome looking ribs Brian!

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Great color on those Brian,

I might have to get Joe to send me some of that rub biggrin.gif



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Great looking Ribs Brian...Fantastic2thumbs.gif color and the pull back is awesome!!! Love the helper photo...teaching them how to smoke meat young...something she can use and enjoy the rest of her life!!!! thumb1%20copy.gif

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Real nice Brian!!!!




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Thanks for all the comments guys.

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Great results.  The finished product looks fantastic.  Clearly a by product of some superior spraying by your Sous Chef.!

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Great looking ribs. I may need to go visit Joe sometime. He seems to have a bunch of good stuff. Back to those ribs though. I had BBRs last night and now I want more. You all make those spares look so good I may have to switch from baby backs next time.

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I would love to have a go at that!!! drool.gif

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Ribs look great!!!  I love when my 9 year old daughter wants to help.  It's one of the things I love about cooking and smoking, all the memories around the kitchen.

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Awesome ribs

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When I see that perfect degree of pullback it makes my lips twitch.

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I want a plate.  Pm me for the address to sent it to.

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