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Baby Backs and Chicken on IPT Pellet Grill (Q-View)

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I'm some smoking some baby backs today with a traditional brown sugar based rub. I'll also throw on some boneless, skinless chicken thighs later marinated in soy sauce, sugar, hoison sauce, some sesame oil, and a bit of mint leaf and Thai basil. The ribs are on now - I started up the IPT around 1:15 (working from home today!) using the smoke setting at P3 - put the ribs on at 1:30 and plan the 2-2-1 method. My Maverick is delayed so I put an analog oven thermometer in there. Right now about an hour in the led is reading 200 and the analog thermometer is just a tad under 225 with the dome thermometer also a shade under 225. Will post some pics later. The temp here in central NJ today is about 86 with a bit of a breeze. I can definitely smell the smoke but there is just a wisp coming out of the chimney.

So went for 5 hours total for the baby backs - foiled at 2 hours and then out of the foil for the last hour - turned heat up to 225. Added the chicken thighs and had them on for 2 hours total. Came out great. Nice smoke ring and flavor on the ribs and nice smoke flavor on the chicken too. There was nothing left!








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Great looking smoke! Yum!
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Freakin' nice looking BB's

Nice bark and awesome color

Thanks for sharing your Qviewthumb1.gif

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Those are some good looking ribs!    icon14.gif

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Thanks guys - I've been very pleased with the result from the IPT grill so far!

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