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Smoking Habaneros!

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Hey Folks!


I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to smoke a habanero?


A temperature and time would be appreciated. I have looked through luck!


Going to smoke wings, ABT's, and habaneros (make some sauce) this weekend.


Cheers :P

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What type of sauce?  When I smoke them I like to get them dry so I can turn it into powder.  In that case I will smoke at 230-250 for 6+ hours, with smoke. Then I sit them out in the sun to continue to dry (or I have also left them in my GOSM, without heat, for up to 24 hours to continue the drying process).

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I smoke my Habs and Japs at 200* for 3 hours, 2 hours of that is smoke. They come out really tender.


Use a boat motor to get them incorporated into your sauce. Better control than a blender or proccessor

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You can also do what I have done a couple of times now and make ABT's with a couple of those Hab's. The heat doesn't cook out like normal ABT's.

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Biavian - I am making a Smoked Habanero Pepper the idea from a recent thread.


Nepas - I like the idea of 2-3 hours...goes along with the time for ABT's and Chicken Wings :)


Big Twig - I do like the heat, haha. Thanks for the tip ~ will have to try that out for sure!

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Yeah so then you won't want to let them to dry-out like I do.   Good luck!

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