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Doomsday Dinner

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The 1st bird is what I call a, "Dollar Store Bird". I used pre-made seasoning I bought for a dollar.





The second bird is salt, pepper, garlic, and red pepper. I filled the water-bowl to the top and smoked both of the birds

at aprox. 195 degs. for 3 hours.



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Let me say they look good - But  - 195 is pretty low temp. What was the IT when you pulled it off the smoker?

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Looks good, but boost that temp to at least 225 -- 250* is even better. Welcome to the SMF family!
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Like they said a higher temp for chicken is what most do. 275-300.

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Good question---What was the IT of those birds?


That's an awful low temp & short time for 2 birds.




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I never measure temperature I look for clear fluid no red/ brown blood. the thermometer on the unit is only a rough indicator of temp

hay in some country's they do not use refrigerators they use vinegar. or fresh kill

and before we started cooking we ate everything raw how much do you pay for sushi

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First the chicken looks good and yummy,looks very crispy for 195 (cheek your thermometer)  .if on blood next to the bones it is OK no risk of salmonella.

man  i fish my on sushi.

the guys here just wants to help

just keep on smoking



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