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Headin' out!

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Going to visit the MIL and wife's side of the family this week, catching the plane at 7am to Sarasota, Fla, then arriving in Englewood where she lives from Sat. thru Thurs, then back home and back to work, lol!  Have a great week and I'll catch up next weekend!

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Better bring your swim suit, it's hotter than heck down here. Have a great time!

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Have fun Pops!

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enjoy and have a safe trip

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Wave when ya fly over the panhandle!!



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Have fun Pops!!!

That must be a short flight.


I only ever flew in fixed wing planes 4 times in 62 years, so I have no idea how quick flights are.



I don't miss it either---always got a headache (inner ear thing).




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Have a good trip, Pops.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Have a good trip Pops

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