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I'm hoping to sell some of it there's no way we could eat it all

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It's amazing how fast and well everything is growing Jerry. I'm very i'mpressed. Now that you have all the set up done, how may hours a day do you spend tending to the crops?

Keep the pic's coming!


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Hey Piney,


That looks like a killer set up! I have my first garden up and running just about to take them out of the pots and transplant them into wheat straw bales. I have 8 different varieties of tomatoes and some jalapenos and habaneros and a couple of basil plants. Never used the bale technique before but I am hoping to get good results. 


If you don't mind me that an expensive set up and do you find that the plants grow much faster using hydroponics vs traditional methods?


Man I missed this forum, I've been MIA for months now remodeling my house and moving. Getting closer to the end point but still a ton to do. 


Happy to be back!!!! 


beercheer.gif to all my SMF family. 



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I'm using a Verti-Gro system you can google them and check out their site and prices. There are also homemade systems to consider. Since you supply everything the plant needs to grow and produce in the water they grow much faster

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