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custom built train bbq - what should i do with it?

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This belongs to my mother n law.  been sitting in a corner of her cousins property for the past 10 years.  I was livid by the time i got this 350lb monster home that i didn't stop to open it up and check it out.  Gonna take a bunch of work. Thought i'd restore it to good working order for her.  The metal is still in pretty good shape.  On the bottom side it has a crank handle raising and lowering the fire box. 

Something I didn't see was the fresh air intake.  Thinking i'll need to increase the air flow in it and make a raised basket for the charcoal.


The smoke actually comes out of the stack.  So that is pretty cool.  Not sure how good the air flow is or if there is potential for making it a good smoker.  I already own a horizontal side draft smoker but the metal on this is so much thicker than mine.  Thinking it would be much better from a thermal standpoint.


Initial thoughs?

Should I just throw it in a corner and store it for her?

Potential to make good equipment out of it? 


Last thing I need is another bbq.

I'll take some more pix tonight and if there is interest i'll throw em up here.




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Restore it for sure. That's a killer find there. I'm sure once you start investigating it and taking pictures of it from all angles and posting them here you will get a bunch of ideas. train.gif

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That is cool for sure.

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That is one cool unit!!! I would put in the time and money and bring that back!!!! Its not something you see everyday.

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I would refurbish it with out a doubt. Then I would be tempted to anchor it very securely in the front yard and build a small carport over it to show it off!

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I saw one similar to that at a local parade. The guys had it mounted to a float and they where smoking meat and grilling it up as the parade went on. Not for sure if they where throwing meat to the kids but it sure was a crowd pleaser. Restore that baby and enter a  cook off. That should get best show.

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I agree, fix her up and let her shine.

Here is a pic of the smoke rig that kansas city terminal rail road and dean machinery built for cook offs. They kinda took the best of both worlds, caterpillar and the Rail Road.

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aaww. it's cute!  We LOVE trains, I vote for fixing it up.


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Restore it! Can't wait to see the pics with it in action!

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There has got to be some pretty interesting history to go with that beauty. If you can find the story that goes with it, I'd be interested in hearing it.


I would find it hard to junk something that someone put "that much" work into.

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Looks-Great.gifSo just keep us up to date on the rebuild.


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