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Smoked Trout Entry

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Hey Folks - here's a great way to serve up your smoked trout.  Prepare your favorite pasta (spaghetti, fettuccine, etc).  You can use regular semolina or whole wheat/whole grain for something a little healthier.  Then toss your pasta in a thin (kinda runny), light Alfredo sauce (sun-dried tomato or roasted red pepper Alfredo's are great too).  Plate your pasta while still plenty hot and toss on a handful (or two) of crumbled/flaked smoked trout.  Toss lightly to incorporate the fish into the pasta, which will help heat the fish and spread the flavor around.  


Garnish with either chopped Italian parsley or chopped basil (a little mint might be nice for some palates), and serve with side salad, garlic bread-sticks or crustini.


For more flavor and nutritional value, you can toss in sweet peas, broccolini, asparagus or other chopped veggies, too.  


(Note:  Some schools of thought say not to use Parmesan, Romano or Asiago type  cheeses when serving fish based Italian dishes; however, I think that fresh grated Parmesan and/or Romano work really well with this dish.)




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Thanks for sharing this - and welcome to the forum! Cheers!

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Nice looking toss ya got there!  Welcome to the forum!

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Welcome aboard! Great recipe too.

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Thanks for the comments and the welcomes...good to be here.


Scooter Lee

Lake Tyler, Texas


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To Chiropractor James - 


When I first heard about smokin' fish, I tried it but couldn't keep it lit...  


BTW, the photo is a stock photo (courtesy of Google Images) - sorry didn't have any pix of my own to use for this...somedays I do and somedays I don't 


Scooter Lee

Lake Tyler, TX

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