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Pork Sirloin Roast

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Well, ended up having to go back to town a few days after scoring the Eye of Round rolls at Sav-A-Lot, so figured I would look and see if they every got those $1.29 @ LB. Pork Sirloin Roast. To my surprise then had them. All two of them. Rolleyes  Being around $5.00 each, I snapped them up figuring they would be worth a try. Most I had read up about them stated they were a bit boney (back and hip bones) and better served Sliced than pulled, due to it being leaner than a Pork Butt.




It had a nice fat cap though and didn't look that lean. What the heck. I am going to smoke it for Pulling. Easy way to get rid of the bones that way. Emthup

After marinading it over night in Mojo Crillio, I washed it off in the morning an applied Jeff's Rub to it and wrapped it in saran wrap for about 4 hours. Put it on the smoker at 225º to start. Occasionally spritzed it with an Apple Juice/Makers Mark concoction. Went with Fat Cap UP Eek3 since it was suppose to be a leaner cut and wrapped it in foil around 160º. Choice of woods for the smoke were Cherry and Hickory. Took it off the smoker at 200º internal.




You can see the bones around the top part of the cut. But the bones popped right out for easy removal. Good to nibble on too. Emwink

Didn't pull quite as easy as a standard butt, but good enough and was darn tasty. Emthup




Made some darn good sammies with some Mrs Davie's BBQ sauce on top.

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It sure looks good & it does look a lot leaner than a butt, but it looks quite juicy. Was it?

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Well you see all the juice in the bottom of the pan. Again, not quite a butt, but figure it is probably a bit healthier for you and it was more than juicey enough.


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Man  that looks nice. Great color !!!!!!!!I bet it was good...

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Looks real good!! Thanks for sharing.

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Does look good and a good price as well. That had a much nicer fat cap then the one I did....good job

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Pork sirloin is a favorite at our house.  We slice some for chops and cook some whole, but I never pull them.  We get ours boneless, and they are a bargain cut.  They also make a good Canadian Bacon at a much cheaper price than loin.  Don't tell anybody about this.  It will drive up the price!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Not sure why SMF found this so interesting. icon_question.gif

Just like a butt, pretty much, but thanks for looking.


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I looks Really Good...

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nice job great color

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