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Down and Dirty chow for the crew! With Q-View!

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I have a comp in two days (East v West) but I was volunteered to make some chow for St. P Day.  So....  50lbs of Corned Beef and some Hot Bacon Tossed Cabbage - all for the crew (about 50 guys).




The Corned Beef is on the two Traeger 075's.  They only had 3 full size and the rest were half size.  I have to admit, they looked pretty good, trimmed, and similar thickness.




Cooking up some bacon for the hot tossed cabbage.




Hot Tossed Cabbage spices (Per head = about 16 servings):

Garlic Powder - 1/2 tblspn

Kosher Salt - 1/2 tblspn

Ground Mustard - 1/4 tblspn




Medium dice up the bacon - about 1/2lb per head of cabbage.





Medium slice the cabbage - about 3x the thickness you would use for cole-slaw.




Monitoring all the temps with the Stoker - Completely overkill - I know,  Just DO NOT tell my wife how much this thermometer rig cost!


More Q-view to follow as we progress!




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I'm impressed with technology!


I'll be watching for how the cabbage turns out, I love corned beef and cabbage (our corned beef comes out of a can).



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Looks like a great meal you have going on there!

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That is a load of Corned Beef.... Looking Good...

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That is a lot of CB for sure - good luck

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I basically cooked these corned beef full packers and half packers (they ran out of fulls) similar to brisket - smoked at 180F until IT reached 165 - 170.  Then crutched with a splash of apple juice and finished with grate temp @ 275 until IT hit 190 - 195.


And the money shots!





Reheating the bacon and the grease and adding the spices.  I used EVOO in the past but since the bacon grease was already there from cooking the bacon - I might as well use it - and I think it was a better taste!  I used the grease rendered out of 1lb of bacon.




The cabbage is then "hot tossed" with the spices, bacon and using the grease as a carrier instead of EVOO.  The cabbage was a huge hit and using the bacon grease was an even better idea than I thought. 




I had to slice fast as the hungry crew lined up.  They were smelling the cabbage cook while they were working and they were hungry!




Money Shot!  I probably should have sliced a little thinner but I had 50lbs to slice and the guys were hungry so...  No one complained!?!?




I had a few tenderloins thrown in for extra points.  Also came out really good.


Thanks for looking!


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good job.....that's one lucky crew....helluva monitoring system

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That looks delicious. Nice job. Is that an Arrogant spoon holder I spied in the background?

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Yummoicon_exclaim.gif Darn,now there is drool all over my keyboard. It's your faulticon14.gif but it's all goodyahoo.gif

And as always...

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That's an awesome set up and great looking food!  love the guiness next to the hello kitty thermos - I usually pour it in a glass icon_rolleyes.gif (sorry).  If you haven't been, always save your bacon grease, I have a little bowl in the fridge and just add right to it.  It's handy to add a little or a lot of great flavor to anything.  cheers!

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Very, very Impressive. Got an I Phone app for that set up????

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Thanks for the words! 


The Stoker box is a really expensive temp monitoring system but it does have some wow factor.  I put in two bays because one of the guys on my bbq team has a stoker too but takes it home when we are not at a comp.  At a comp we use both stokers and two laptops to let us know when a temp has hit - wakes us up or gets us to pay attention when we are drinking beer.  For this cook, I ran a grate probe to each pit but could only monitor 1 meat in one pit and two meats in the other pit.  The stoker log was a bit messy to look at but still very useful.


I think you have to drink Guiness when you cook this meal - it might even be a law.  I diodn't want to chance it.  The hello kitty thermos if one of my princesses.  I try not to use it to drink beer out of it icon_eek.gif.


My buddy makes custom glass and is always jamming stuff into his kiln - the Stone bottle is a perfect example - yes it is officially a spoon rest!


Thanks again.

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That's some good lookin' corned beef and cabbage, I could eat my weight of that, that pic of the cabbage cooking in the bacon grease, I could smell it all the way over here.



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Great job Man!!

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