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I have a question  for all you MES /AMNS users.

I Use the MES 40" and have no problems producing TBS and good q.

 I can see why the AMNS would be a good addition for cold smoking as the MES will not ignite chips at the temps needed for cold smoking.


 I see alot of folks saying they used the AMNS in the MES to hot smoke, WHY?

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It is easier and the amazen can burn much longer than the mes chip tray.


  Have a great day!!



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I use it in my SmokinTex - similar to the MES because I can get a good long consistant smoke without having to open the door and add fuel

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I use the amns to hot smoke in my mes just because its easy and produces great thin blue smoke for hours.Using the amns i don't have to run out every 35-60 mins to keep adding chips. Just fill,light,and set it in,and you know you are going to have good smoke for the duration of your smoke. This works great when doing a butt or brisket that take a long time,i just get it all set then monitor the temp with my maverick from the house!!!

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I can light both ends of one of my AMNS, and get a good medium heavy smoke for 4 straight hours, without having to do anything.

I could never do anything even close to that with either of my MES.


The MES are great smokers, but the MES 40 & the AMNS are a team that beats both George & Gracie, or Abbot & Costello, hands down. 




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What Bear said.

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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

What Bear said.

And maybe even Ralph & Ed.

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The MES will smoke heavily for about 30 minutes and then you have to reload.  It's really tough to get TBS and even tougher to attain it a long period of time in a MES.  TBS can be achieved by using chunks and even a piece or 2 of charcoal, but not for "Hours".


The 40" MES with the 1200 watt element really has a tough time producing consistent smoke at temps under 180° for any length of time.  This is where the AMNS performs best.  The MES heats up quickly, and the element turns off so you lose the ability to burn chips in the chip pan.  Again, a piece or 2 of charcoal in the chip pan can help prolong the smoke.




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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anyone ever use this thermometer?


Dual Probe Remote -


The Model # is missing, but on Mavericks website it looks like it is this:




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Disregard above post - I put it in the wrong thread. Sorry guys


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