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Drybag Steak contest prize....

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Howdy all,


I've been meaning to post this info, but with all the computer problems and work I'm just getting to it. I have not used this yet and plan to as soon as I get back home after the first of March. Here's a couple of pictures, not real sure about what to do with the items in the second picture. Thanks again Jeff and the folks at Drybag Steak for such a great prize. I'll do ya proud!




P.S. I just restocked my liqueur stash that I cook with. I've been experimenting with different glazes and if you haven't tried the Evan Williams Honey or Cherry liqueurs, man are they awesome. And that 99 Apples is great for a rib glaze. Hugs!












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Hey Girlfriend!


2nd pic looks like an extra heating element for sealing the bags.


Anxious to see how well i works.



No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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I agree - Are you sure the restocking is for cooking? I heard there was a whole fleet of UPS trucks heading your way th_dunno-1[1].gif

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 Extra element and tape for sealing bar

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Originally Posted by Botox View Post

 Extra element and tape for sealing bar

Thank you very much, makes sense.


Gary - You know I'll be waiting for that brown truck! I just got my last shipment in before I fly off to Utah Monday a.m. I don't get to see my hotty UPS guy for two weeks. icon_cry.gif But I plan on placing a few orders and will schedule 1,849 deliveries in one week. Just sayin'.icon_eek.gif


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