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Welcome to SMF.. Cant go wrong with a WSM they are great smoker and work well in the cold.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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Elpaton, My first smoker was a Totem. 3 racks. I found some cooling racks that were small enough to fit in it. I fashioned hooks to hang racks

from the 2 upper racks that came with the unit. Five racks was enough for jerky and trout etc. I hung them so the spacing was equidistant

between the original racks. The hooks were c-shaped. 3 hooks per shelf. Auto adjusting that way. Tried 4 hooks. Didn't work.

I also have modified my MES rack system by using large S-hooks to adjust the rack spacing based on meat size (4 turkeys would not fit in the MES 40 without the mod), or to add additional racks for jerky.  You could also make some clips out of metal that will hang down from the lower rail of the shelf racks to support additional racks. You could also bend up some different length sets of clips for more options in spacing. If you look closely at my profile pic you will see the S-hooks in action.

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Well i took a good long look at the inside and it will be very easy to mod. I just need to order some extra racks first. I was going to Smoke today but it started to rain out side again. Just bad luck i tell you. I went and bout some Salmon last night. This will be my first time smoking Salmon hope it turns out good.

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