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Second Smoke Pork Chops

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Well nothing special here. Had a long day at work. Long week actually so far and figured i would treat myself. Picked up two pork chops bone in. Threw some rub on them and started up the smoker. Used the A-Maze-N for the first time in my electric ECB and it worked really good. So put on a heavy smoke for an hour at about 230ish. Then took them off they where at 133 or so IT. About 3-5 min on each side of a hot grill to crisp them up and get them to 155. Best pork Chops ive ever had.


And yes paper plates is how we roll :)


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They Look Great...

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They look really good.  

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looks awesome!  i usually pan cook my chops but this looks great! How long did it take you to get them to 133?  what gave it that red color? type of wood? what kind of rub?

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I put them in the smoker with the a-maze-n filled just one row with hickery. It was at 133 after an hour as my plan was to just heavy smoke it for an hour and then put on hot grill for however long it took to get it to 155 or so.


Rub is why its red. Its Brown sugar/white sugar/paprika/onion powder/garlic powder/red pepper flacks and chili powder.

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They look amazing and mouth watering. Will have to try these. Oh and the paper plates...we use them all the time!!!!

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You only made Two??


Thank a lot!





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Those look delicious. Nice job! But I'm with Bear, all that work & only 2.   icon_mrgreen.gif

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Those are some fine looking chops and I hope that your not really hungry.

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Well its just me and the wife and she really doesnt like to eat leftovers. Plus it really wasnt that much work at all.

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Nice looking chops - great job

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