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FIRST Smoke: BB Ribs and Butt

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Today is my first smoke. Its a Smoke Hollow 30" Propane. Holding between 225-230, although it took a while to get here but I am doing my first smoke under falling snow... You will notice on the inside right, thanks to your tips, I've placed a remote thermometer into a drilled wood block.


Please check out the q-view.


I have a couple questions:

1) How much smoke is the right amount? I seem to have a lot of smoke seepage from the edges of the door.

2) I had to stack / overlap the ribs a little due to small(er) shelves, is this not good, guessing that there should be smoke flow around the ribs?

3) I'm using pecan chips, assuming I wrap 1/2 rack of the ribs at 2hrs (because I don't prefer them falling off the bones), how long should I be "smoking" along with the heat?


Now I need to exercise patience.


Snow Smokin.jpg


Ribs.jpgButt.jpgJust in.jpg

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Well everything looks good so far. How's that smoker holding temp in that weather???

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Well....... but I noticed something and I'm not sure if it is because of the rising temps of the meats. For the 1st 3 hours I was able to keep it between 225-230. After the 3rd hour it kept creeping up to 250. Note: outside air temp is approx. 28, stopped snowing 3 hours into smoke. Since I was on the lowest setting and the internal temp dropped so fast when I opened it, I did the unscientific thing of opening the door for 30 seconds to check on the chips and water - and it would drop to 220; did this twice and once again after the ribs were out and the butt remained. Just pulled the butt at midnight and letting it rest until 2 and then in the fridge, bed for me. My only concern is ow much hotter it might run in 80-90 degree summer, but I don't have to worry about this just yet.

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In the future I would look into a rib rack. You can pick one up at most places selling BBQ equipment. A rack would help you gain some space and then you won't have to over lap your ribs. Very inexpensive solution to your space problem.

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I second the rib rack. Was there water in that foiled pan? I think the water should keep the temp from spiking like that. Also, I'm not familiar with your smoker, but it sure looks like that burner can be dialed down a bit. In the pic it looks like it's on high. There are a lot of guys with gassers here that should be along soon to offer more advice. I guess if all else fails opening the door once in a while to get the temp down is OK.

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I think rib racks and 1 or 2 more shelves are a good idea.

There was water in the pan.

All in all the ribs and butt were pretty tasty.

Thanks guys.

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As to your smoke. You don't want the bellowing white smoke. That's will create a cresote taste. Just a nice trace of smoke (perferably bluish) someitmes you won't even see it. If you smell it it's working!!


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