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my first beer can chicken with Q veiw

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This was my first attempt at the beer can chicken. I used a brine for 4 hours and rubbed it down. towards the end i finished it with a pomegranate molasses reduction. take a  look

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so this is just out of the brine just out of the brine.jpg


and this is all rubbed down

all rubbed down.jpg

and finally this is all done 

first beer can chicken great color.jpg

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Joe I see that you are movong right thou the whole menu of smoking meat. Now thats a good thing as long as you have alot of folks to feed there. Your bird looks good and we need just alittle bit more info about what you used in the brine, bird, and the smoker too.

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well for the brine i used 3 gallons of water 2 cups salt and 1 cup brown sugar. fresh peppercorns fresh sage thyme and rosemary. then i let it sit 4 hours. when it cam out i washed it off, rubbed it with olive oil that was infused with garlic and rosemary. then i used a rub called beer can chicken. it smoke at around 230 for a long time i felt like all day. this was a brinkman charcoal grill with side smoke box. toward the end i wanted to crisp up the skin and give some additional flavor so i  took a pomegranate and got all the juice from that and added a little molasses and whit wine and reduced to a nice glaze and spread it all over the bird to finish.

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Looking good!

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Looks like you pulled it off.

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Nice bird and very polite looking, sitting upright at attention. I love bird good job!

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Looks good Joe, the pomengranate reductiond sounds interesting.

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That's a nice looking bird!  

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Thats a goos looking yardbird you have ther. You said you smoked it all day? You did probe it didnt you?

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yes i did probe but i had a hard time with the smoker it was could out about 25 so the temp bounced between like 180 and 220.

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