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Debrecini and Andouille

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I scored a two pack of butts on sale this week.   Decided my Andouille supply was running low so made up a 10 lb batch of that using recipe from Nola Cuisine that i've had success with in the past.   I added a pound of pork backfat and cubed 2lbs of the butt then ground the rest.


I looked thru my recipes trying to figure out what to do with the other 5lbs of butt and decided to try the Debrecini (Hungarian Paprika Sausage).  I got the recipe from Bruce Aidell's book.   I just stuffed and left it as "fresh" sausage.   Tried a test patty and was pretty good.   It didn't "rock my world" but i'm sure when I grill some up , it will taste even better.     here are some pics-



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Looking good! Yummie!


>>>using recipe from Nola Cuisine  


Great place.

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Your sausage looks great from here too.

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Good looking sausage. It sure doesnt last long.......

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