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Another Rib Roast thread...

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The local grocery store had choice CAB roasts on sale... we don't get CAB around here often.
Cut them off the bone and retied them - then rubbed with Todd's dirt.
My in-laws like their beef well done so I get one for them and one for Al and me.
This was the first year I got the timing right and didn't have to cook theirs more...
Did them on the Egg - ran the temps around 300*

My plate - I love the outside piece....

Here's the inside...

MIL brought a mushroom casserole - went great with the beef. Opened a nice Cabernet - good dinner. Thanks for looking! 
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Looks awesome  beercheer.gif

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Looks great

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Yes mam thoses are some mighty fine looking ribs you have there. Merry Chrismas there EllyMae.

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Great job

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