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Pressure Washer?

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I have a little rust on the outside of my uds do you think a pressure washer would get that off?  After the was I could sand then repain I think?

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Myself, I would use a rough texture brilo/skuff pad by hand to knock the really heavy stuff off. Then paint it with the heavy rust rustoleum primer


This is what I have used on all parts of my trailer where the steel is rusty.

This paint is susposed to have something in it to drive the moisture out of the steel so that it can bond well.

The down side is the fact that it does not preform well on bare shinny steel.

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I just use a wire cup wheel on my drill and repaint

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Either keep it dry and hit it with a wire wheel (make sure you wear a good face mask). Or for a more labor intensive method some wet sand paper (its a dark gray finer grit, made specially for wet sanding metal), just make sure to rinse it off and dry it real fast and real well when done.

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