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Hello everyone
I decided to try making some Landjager on Sunday I had some pre mixed seasonings that i used for this type of sausage I mixed 50/50 elk/pork butt and did 10 pounds of these I mixed the meat and added the saesoning and stuffed them into 32mm hog casings I tried to just fill the casings half full so i could get the flat shape of the Landjager I over stuffed most of them but it does not matter I then layed them on a cutting board and then placed another board on top of the sausages put a cinder block on top and placed into the fridge for two days
after the second day I removed the block and top cutting board and let the suasages dry over night in the fridge
I layed the sausages on a rack in the smoker and smoked using hickory these baby's are awesome they really turned out good here is a pic








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They look good to me Salmon. Nice job! You must have used cure #1, do you care to share the rest of the recipe? and thanks for sharing the Q-view.

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WOW! Those are pretty!!!

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Hey clubber, They look just like the ones they sell in bars around here!


I'm betting yours are about 10 X Better !!!!



Nice job!



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Great looking sausage.

I hope you share the recipe.

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I used Premixed seasoning from PS Seasoning and cure number one and smoked with hickory

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A concrete block in the fridge...hahahaha The Woman thinks I put strange things in the fridge.


" Honest honey, I didnt fill the casings on purpose and I put the block on them on purpose...really"



I told the Woman I was gonna make Lendenspeck  she rolled her eyes and said "What the heck is that?"

Then I showed her the pictures and she sezs " When that speck thing gonna be ready to eat?" 

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that lendenspeck looks good

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