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My Nov. TD entry, open faced Oaxaca sub

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*Oaxaca Sub

 *(Accent on the middle syllable, as in wah – Haw – kah)


Open faced Oaxaca Sub with Ancho Jicama slaw, turkey molé, topped with Oaxaca, tequila, and mesquite cheese sauce. A side of Yucca fries with Ancho Lime dip.


Smoked turkey, cubed or chunked

Molé de Oaxaca (The recipe is courtesy of my 96 yr. Old aunt)


Cheese sauce:


Mesquite flour

Smoked Queso Oaxaca (Queso means cheese)

José Cuervo Tequila

Half & half


Jicama slaw:





Canola oil

Fresh lime juice

Rice vinegar




Peeled and cut into strips


Ancho Lime Dip:

Sour cream


Honey powder

Ancho chile powder

Fresh lime juice


I used a Jennie-O turkey that already had a brining solution added, so I thawed it and it went straight into the smoker, no rub or butter. I smoked it using maple, apple, and mesquite. Once smoked, I cubed the breast and left it to sit in the molé overnight while it was in the fridge.




My aunt didn’t give me the recipe for the molé; she just gave me a small plastic bag and told me no ratios or quantities. Oh well…




I already had some Queso Oaxaca that I had smoked using my AMNS with cherry sawdust. This I used in my cheese sauce.




Next day I bought some Ciabatta bread, put a bed of Ancho Jicama slaw on it, then added the warmed turkey molé. I topped it with my smoked Queso Oaxaca cheese sauce, which uses tequila for flavor and mesquite flour for thickening.


For a side dish, I made Yucca fries, along with my Ancho Lime dip of cinnamon, honey powder, Ancho chile powder and limejuice.



Thanks for checking out my entry. 

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Wow, that looks amazing!! Very nice!!

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Great Dish, been waiting impatiently for the Jicama Slaw recipe since the voting closed!!


Excellent dish.

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Holy sandwich Batman, that looks amazing. Great job!!!!

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Man oh Man there Rich thats one heck of a sandwich. I could ony wish for the Mol'e recipe myself. We did  turkey dinner at one of my cousins aunts (it's a Gravely Thing) and I couln't talk a mol'e recipe out of them either. But one of her sons is sweet on my cousins daughter and I think that might get me some where thou.

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killer sammie rich..........

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Nice looking sammie there Rich.  Great looking qview also.



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Rich, thats' a great looking sammie, The jicama slaw and the yucca fries caught my attention big time. points.gif

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Rich that is awesome. I love it all.

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Great dish Rich...

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allright rich   that is one tasty looking sub!    i cant pronounce  it and i have no idea what most of the ingrediants are  but it looks great

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