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Been a long time...

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I see that everyone is doing well as i shake the dust off the account.  Its been a while sence i have been home and able to do some real BBQ.  And I finished my new toy 120gal tank converted in to a trailer mounted smoker w/  a 4' door and 2 full sized removable racks.  And only got to use once before all the crazy went into my life!  But enough about me!


On the menu today:

Ribs w/ my rub and home made bbq sauce to help add a glaze


Pulled-Pork 2 ways:

Rubbed and w/ a NC sauce

Rubbed and enjected w/ a Fresh apple cider/Jack Danial, spray'd w/ more of that mixture


Roast Beef (to slice for sammy's, and i have the room so why not?)





Smoked Baked Beans




I'll have some pic up in a bit!

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Welcome back good to see you again and hope you have a great smoke today

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Glad to see you back, now how about some qview with that menu

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Welcome back, Hope to see some Q-view

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Hi autoferret, looking forward to some Q-view!

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Welcome back, sounds like a tasty menu

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Glad to know you're back, and congrats on the new build. It's all good my friend.

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Welcome back. Glad to hear that you get some Q today. Cant wait for the pictures.

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Yes sir I too want to wish you a  welcome back also and I to will be awaiting your Q-view.

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