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Stove/Oven Smoker

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   has anyone ever took a gas stove and converted it to a smoker? i'm thinking it would be so easy to do with an external smoke you get complete control over the heat  ...any thoughts?  ty everyone

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On several occasions I have thought about it and then abandoned the idea simply because having a smoker is bad enough to look at from the neighbors perspective (except when I'm sharing) and a stove would surely sit in the eyesore category!  Aside from that, that idea would work just fine since the oven is built perfectly for indirect heat and all you need is the wood and water trays.

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I have thought the same thing, or even taking the heating element and controller out and putting it in a smoke house. Then I spoke with a HVAC friend of mine and he said a furnace system would  work great and he has an old one in his shop and will do all the install for me once my smoke house structure is done.

Just got to get the 25yrds of concrete poured and the patio area done for the wife then I can start on the smoke house


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