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Well, in the land of it never happened, Yesterday, the chuckies took forever to get to 200, a real stall this time.  Did everything you said to do.  Came out excellent, but my egg wash didn't turn it as brown as I thought it would.  Got only one suggestion, perhaps as an addition to your instructions:  Spray the foil before setting the meat log on the foil.  It might not stick as much.  I don't have much experience with pastry from scratch and baking so it was not an obvious thing to do.  With just the two of us, there's enough for two dinner settings, in the land of never happened.  Next time maybe. SWMBO said that this would really be great with turkey, chicken and on and on.  And me with a new-to-me Tillia Vac Sealer.......

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That looks good my man! Im kicking myself for not getting a chuckie last week when they were on sale. Nice smoke ring btw points.gif



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Sweet mercy that thing looks delicious.  I liken it to an alien ship crashing on earth and then beautiful alien women emerging like in those bizarre old scifi movies from other words, something so good coming in such an unusual package.  Maybe a bit of a stretch, sorry. 


Nice work - someone needs to invent an internet scratch-n-sniff because i bet those things smelled twice as good as they looked.

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Man oh Man.  I didnt really have enough to do, now I've got to do this .  This place is kind of like marriage counseling.  I come here read about something delicious, smoke it, happy wife.... 


Great job, looks incredibly delicious. 

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We always keep some puff pastry in the freezer for a quick easy dinner. One of my favorites is smoked chuck, fresh baby spinish, lots of fresh garlic, provolone, and a little parmessan. We like to roll it up like a cinnimon roll and cut it into chunks about 2" long. Then arange them like you would cinimon rolls brush the tops with egg wash and cook them up. Super tastey and they look really elegant like a pinwheel.

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Man I need to buy some of those pastery rolls. I have been wanting to stuff some smoked meat in them forever. 

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Dear Mr.Dome,


       It has come to my attention that you have produced a "mircale" with a Chuckie and upon further review the ruling of the fourm stands. That is Bloody Outstanding!!!


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One word "YUM"

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this looks great. i am Check out some of the blogs of STUFZ. Its a great gadget for stuffed burgers.

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Looks Great, Delicious Too...

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Man I have had puff pastry on my radar for some time!  Looks Awsome!

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