Vertical attatchment for offset.

Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by hemi, Jan 31, 2010.

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    When I built granmaw I was not aware that I would ever need a vertical smoker. Today I smoked some Canadian Bacon and I had to lay it down on the grate. It turned out second best thing in the world. and I ain't talkin sliced bread here.

    I ain't much with editing pictures but this is a pix of granmaw caught in a storm. The black area to the left is where I think I will fabricate a vertical smokin box and just close off the appropriate chimneys while in operation
    See anythin wron with it? [of course I'l cut a passage for the heat and smoke and put on a flue with a dampner.]

    Thanx, Hemi..[​IMG]
  2. let me give you a bump for a little attention, not really my area of expertise.
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    Do you have it setup as a reverse flow or tuning plates, you will need to baffle some of the heat to the vertical, and close the 2 existing stacks on the smoker, add a 3rd stack on the vertical if its a standard fire box.

    If its a reverse flow you may want to put the vertical on the firebox side close off the 2 stacks and a add a 3rd stack to the vertical.

    Its a little hard to say without seeing pics of the inside of the smoker, but thought a bump would be a kind gesture.
    Give us some pics and more info.

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