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  1. Decided to build the mailbox mod for my AMNPS.

    Previously I was putting the tray in the smoker, which seemed to work pretty good.  I had the chip tray loader tube pulled out about an inch an the top vent opened all the way.  Seemed to usually get a nice, thin blue smoke.

    Adding on the mailbox mod tonight (I didn't add any holes to the mail box), I lit up a "dry run" and the smoker is blowing white with a tinge of even brown smoke.  Should I be closing the top vent up to choke the draw down?  Try to seal the mailbox up more?  Or do I have it all backwards and actually need to get more airflow by adding holes to the mailbox?  I have 20 lbs of buckboard bacon to cold smoke this weekend and don't want to mess it up.  Worst case is I will go with my previous setup this time, as it will only be in the 40's.

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    i would try and put the mail box down lower so the your flex pipe doesn't have a bend in it,,are you lighting the amnps on two sides or just 1.i just light one side,i use the mail box on my mes 30 and it works great,i do have some holes in mail box door for air,good luck
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    I second putting it lower. Mine sits under the unit so I have a short section of duct with no harsh bends in it.

    If you are getting too much airflow you need to control it at the box not at the smoker. Try using some magnets to cover the holes in the box and see if that helps.
  4. I think I know what the problem was... and nothing to do with the setup itself.  I only did about 2/3 of a row in the tray.  I usually nuke my pellets for 2 mins when I have a full tray.  I nuked the handful for the same two mins and probably dried the crap out of them.  The whole thing burned up in less than an hour.  I had too many pellets smoldering at once.  Ran another test tonight and my results are much better,

    I don't think the configuration of the flexible tube affects anything, to be honest.  The smoke is drafting through the smoker box.  I will probably cut it shorter eventually but I'm just being lazy!  [​IMG]

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