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  1. I put a 10 pound pork shoulder on my Vision kamado style smoker last night at 730.  I maintained the temp an average of 240 degrees as measured by a high tech trendicator (thermocouple instrument).  It is 230 the next day and the internal temp of the shoulder is 174 degrees where it has been since this morning.  I have tried different thermometers and the result is the same...........I can't seem to get it to 190 or beyond.  I just took it off the smoker and placed in in the oven to finish.  This is okay but I should be able to finish on the smoker.  I have had similar problems with a 40 Masterbuilt and pork butts taking 18-20 hours.  Can anyone tell me what I may be doing wrong?  This is driving me krazy!!!!!!  Thanks, sbpaducah, newbie
  2. tropics

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    SB Have you checked you thermometer with boiling water?
  3. Thanks for the reply Richie, yes in boiling water and on the other end water with melting ice.  1-2 degrees off at most. 
  4. Sorry about that Tropics, my bad!!
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    SB You will get a piece like that now and then.Try foiling with some beer or apple juice.You can always bump the temp up.Why don't you stop by Roll Call so everyone can give you a warm Welcome to SMF

  6. sawinredneck

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    I agree with bumping the heat up, I've had to do just that on a few smokes to get past the stall.
  7. Thanks for the feedback guys, I also updated my profile.
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    18+ hours is kinda ridiculous for pork butts. I usually aim for 275 as my target temp for pork butts, I don't usually foil at all unless they get done early. At 275 I usually give myself 12-14 hours for a 10 pound butt, usually by 10-12 hours they are done. And remember if you're looking you're not cookin, open that thing as little as possible. I'd get another thermometer as well, I just can't see how at 240 degrees pit temp, a 10 pound butt would only be at 174 degrees after 19 hours. Get a simple oven thermometer and put it in your pit next to the pork. And check your meat thermometer as well. The number just don't add up.
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  9. I think I agree with that 275 degree number but I am a little afraid that the higher heat may dry out the meat?  I have a neighbor that is on a cooking team and he swears by 225 but I'm thinking that is too low especially if you have an electric smoker that controls 15-25 degrees on either side of the 225 like the MES 40 does.  Also, he says that he cooks a large butt in 10-12 hours.  I can't see that happening at 225.  I would like to hear from some of you on this time/temperature issue.  I am now using a Vision, kamado style cooker and I think I am going to really like cooking on lump charcoal and chunks of hickory and cherry wood.  Thanks!
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    I cook picnics at 275- 300. Still very moist. They take under a hour per lb in my mini
  11. Thanks for response, I'm gonna try the higher heat on my next cook.
  12. krex1010

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    There are plenty of guys cooking butts, ribs and brisket at 325-350 and getting really good results. 275 -300 is pretty safe, butts are very forgiving.
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    SB, when you were measuring the temps at 240, where was the temp probe ?   By my math, it was 19 hrs at an avg temp of 240 and the butt was only up to 174 ?  Something is definitely wrong somewhere.
  14. sawinredneck

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    I'm on a brisket smoke as I type this, it's coming on 2pm central, I started at 10pm central last night. I go for an IT of 205, I've averaged a grate temp of 230, and I'm at 197 IT right now. At least another hour to go. This is a 15lb packer, untrimmed.
    You just never really know, but you have to be willing to ride it out for the long haul. This is a 16lb packer btw.
  15. vwaldoguy

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    Did you foil? That will help speed it up.
  16. I sometimes do but I didn't this time.
  17. My temp probe was at grill level.  My average is my estimate of where I saw the temps during the course of the night..........265 one time and 240 the next.  This is on a kamado style cooker and sometimes the temps fluctuate.  I took it off at approx. 174 and put it in the oven on 250 for 1 1/2 hours and took it out.  It had good bark and was moist and tender and very good!
  18. demosthenes9

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    Something is even further off.  Fluctuating between 265 and 240 would put the avg temp of the cook around 250.  Meat temp should have been higher in 17 hrs.
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    I smoke my butts in a home made electric smoker that is heated with a 1500 watt burner element and i use a PID to control it and Im plus or minus 2 degrees at most!  That being said I smoke mine at 200 degrees and on average a 12# butt takes 12 hours to go to 180 degrees!  I usually wrap in commercial film and then foil and put back int o smoker 8-10 hrs in!
  20. I seem to see different temps based on where the probe is.  What do you know about positioning the probe for inside temps?  Thanks

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