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    I'm in the mood for some ribs, but my wife wanted chicken. That just means we're cooking both. I just injected a whole chicken with garlic butter and put a couple racks of ribs in an apple juice/water bath. I'll let them do their thing for a couple hours while I go run a few errands. I'm thinking about cooking everything at 225. I'll (3-2-1) the ribs and just keep the chicken in however long it takes to hit an IT of 165. I hope to have everything in the smoker by 2 so we can have an 8/8:30 dinner. Seems like a pretty good Saturday to me. I'll take some pictures as things progress.
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    Rib Time!
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    I'm making sausage out of duck meat. At what temp and how long do I smoke the meat after, so I can vacuum pack it for a later date?

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